Heating, Mechanical, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Watercare, Plumbing.

About EMGas Solutions

The ethos of EMG is that we will carry out any task to the best of our abilities on behalf of our clients regardless of what that task may be. If we can assist in any sphere of operations, we will, and if in doing so we reduce the cost for our clients then we have partly met our responsibilities.

EMG  seek a return to when a client received what should be expected in return for fair commercial trading, professional advice, professionalism and ‘best practice’ concepts.

Today’s uncontrolled market place of services provision has almost become a ‘fair game’ scenario where contractors are paid for expertise and fair commercialism but provide second grade works at first grade rates, relying often on clients non-technical representatives signing off works which do not meet nor achieve design criteria nor function to specifications.

Our allegiance, our responsibility and our accountability is to our clients, to provide evaluations and ‘best practice’ works based on necessity, prevention, recovery and improvement, not on how much we can profit commercially by in cutting corners or quality and reporting a biased analysis for commercial gain.

Each and every one of us has a responsibility to provide and expect the best service we can deliver to those who rely on us for business continuity and who deserve such in our day to day businesses.

The relationship EMG seeks to develop with our clients is that of trust and we will not under any circumstances betray a developed working relationship.

EMG  will not under any circumstances mislead nor profit by misinformation to our clients and will maintain professionalism at all times while seeking a fair return as we all must in our day to day trading and business.