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EMG offer engineered solutions to both the industrial and commercial market.  We provide comprehensive specialist support in all areas of maintenance within commerce and the HVAC industry but we also have the knowledge and capability of extending into other engineering disciplines.

EMG have developed our own library of works routines meeting all national specifications which are cross referenced to all particular plant in our site located registration systems.

Intrinsic in the job specification of all our Service Engineers is to make sure that our clients’ machinery and equipment runs effectively and efficiently by carrying out routine maintenance and diagnosing and repairing faults.  Their work falls basically into two categories; pro-active maintenance which involves regular maintenance work, replacing parts, and checking equipment to make sure it runs to its optimum capacity, and reactive maintenance which entails repairing faults as soon as they happen, diagnosing faults, and being available for urgent calls at all times.

EMG has developed a diverse range of structured maintenance services through a single point of contact which can easily be customised to suit our clients’ individual requirements.  Our range of services makes us flexible to deliver all sizes of a project from a one off job to a fully managed Facilities project. 

Inherent in our Management Policy is to train our operatives in recognition of RCM protocol (Reliability Centred Maintenance) and to recognise the effect that ‘consequence of failure’ would have on our clients business, failure sequences leading to downtime, infringements of safety, the potential of injury to personnel and loss of business revenue.

We operate our own developed system we term APR (Advanced Proactive Regime) whereby we can offer a ‘fast track’ method of maintenance documented to our client’s requirements while achieving commercial effectiveness on behalf of our clients.

APR can be demonstrated to clients on request and is unique in its concept.

We further operate dedicated maintenance schedules for a more traditional protocol and our library of such is extensive.

EMG operates data capture systems which can provide clients with evaluation data on plant life cycle considerations, spend trend and operating costs per item of plant. We offer and operate ‘Frontline’ and ‘Pirana’ as a works information management system (WIMS) to clients.

EMG have invested in ‘flir’ technology thermography offering our clients non-intrusive electrical testing, mechanical analytical monitoring and trend graphing of plant wear factors.

We have invested in environmental monitoring equipment and offer a service of temperature, CO2, CO, enthalpy, event counting, acoustic or any ‘real time’ monitoring for evaluation or graphing.

We further provide a comprehensive range of CBM (Condition Based Monitoring) techniques such as SEE (Spectral Energy Emissions) where intrusive inspection operations cause loss of production, services or business revenue loss.

Today’s maintenance contracts are all too often tendered on unwanted scheduled works to gain the more lucrative unscheduled spend, inspections are often cursory and indeed missed, only to be realised when a failure occurs.  We seek to redress that imbalance when an air handling unit or other plant ‘runs’ is it

working ?,  not necessarily, EMG protocol ensures the unit ‘works’ and doesn’t just run.